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Variety Talk Show featuring interviews with experts, authors and others on all topics EXCEPT politics. Plan to laugh, as Phil Hulett and his stable of revolving co-hosts keep the fun level high. It's pure "Funfotainment!"

Sep 25, 2015

This time it’s the Bubonic Plague we have to worry about. Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz explains why there’s nothing we can do to stop it and you’d better get t a doctor fast if you get it. Plus a surprising answer to the question, “Should I get a flu shot?” Plus, what hackers are doing with your finger prints, why today’s parents suck at parenting and which movies not to waste your money on this weekend with David Sheehan.  More stories include: Yogi Berra sayings, Happy Birthday for free, Don’t touch the Pope, the drought conspiracy, Jamie Lee Curtis invented Instagram, how much would you pay for a book full of Gisele Bundchen photos? Who spends more time shopping, men or women? The best rock trios of all time, and finally, the sweaty armpit apple.