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Variety Talk Show featuring interviews with experts, authors and others on all topics EXCEPT politics. Plan to laugh, as Phil Hulett and his stable of revolving co-hosts keep the fun level high. It's pure "Funfotainment!"

Dec 10, 2016

It's the 300th episode of Phil Hulett and Friends and the PHAF OG's get together for a reunion. Original friends Jennifer Bjorklund, Jay Campadonia and Karlo Sy Su pay a visit. Plus Long time friend and mostly OG, Chris Martin spends the entire show in the studio for the time in about a half a year. Brooke Peterson fills out the crew as they reminisce with Phil. Guests include: the VP of Consumer Protection at Experian talking about keeping your personal data safe. Manny the Movie Guy reveals a serious crush on an actor destined to win Oscar gold. Travel Guy Gary Warner takes us to unique Christmas-related locales. Children's book author Sean Connolly explains the science of sports. Author and motivator Andro Donovan shows us how to unplug for the holidays. Plus these stories: Bad news for those who trim their pubes. The touching story of the blind horse and the seeing eye, really. NFL Update. 50 Shades Darker porn trailer. And the most popular 15-year old in the world.