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Variety Talk Show featuring interviews with experts, authors and others on all topics EXCEPT politics. Plan to laugh, as Phil Hulett and his stable of revolving co-hosts keep the fun level high. It's pure "Funfotainment!"

Nov 8, 2013

Things got hot on the show, literally as the air conditioner went on the fritz. But Phil Hulett, Jennifer Bjorklund, Jay Campadonia and Karlo Sy Su plugged on with the business at hand. This was the day Twitter began publicly trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The Stock hit $50 at it’s peak on day one.  The timeliness was perfect because we got the long awaited culmination of Jay’s online dating saga with his Twitter babe. You won’t believe what happened…we’re not sure we believe it! Plus, listen to the spirited discussion about bullying in the NFL centered around Miami Dolphins Lineman, Ritchie Incognito and his alleged, racially tinged abuse of linemate, Jonathan Martin. Then “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Cheryl Shuman paid a visit to the studio with her daughter Aimee to advocate for medical marijuana use and revamping federal laws to allow for national leg [...]